Las Cruces community mourns the death of 18-year-old Jo Anna Aurora Rincon who passed away this past Thursday in a tragic car accident near New Mexico State University . The intersection between Triviz Drive and University Avenue, where the events happened, is now a place for prayer and goodbyes. Jo Anna was a student at New Mexico State University as well as four other students who were seriously injured. NMSU President Garrey Carruthers sent an email to the campus community , expressing "deep sadness" about the fatal crash. Among the things that people left in memory of Jo Anna are flowers, stuffed animals, food products and a balloon that read "TIL WE MEET AGAIN..."

Ana Nunez

Student at New Mexico State University seeking a degree in Journalism/Mass Communications and Foreign Languages

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  1. I was waiting for someone to get a picture of this! Great shot Ana.

  2. Ana Nunez says:

    Thank you Samuel.

  3. Bruce Berman says:

    Good job. Thorough caption. VERY nice Light! A nice one photo package. RoundUp should run this image on their sad little cover.