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  1. Carlos Trujillo says:

    I misread the syllabus and I was awaiting further instruction to post on a website I thought was Que Miras. I now realize that was meant to mean Documentary Shooters. In the spirit of the hard news story we were supposed to do, I posted some images along with a news article of the Trump Protest last night in an effort to redeem myself for the late post. Since hard news is emphasized on the timing of everything I thought it’d be a good substitute for the points I may lose for posting late.

  2. bruce berman says:

    Your story is excellent. Your portraiture is fine. I would suggest that you go a little farther and show what the guy does…what his “Dirty Work” is. Just the portraits are very “honoring” of the man, but I think your viewer needs more to know him more. Overall…Well Done!