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Revitalizing Downtown El Paso

It’s a quiet afternoon in downtown El Paso, Texas as the dust settles and construction crews take a break from the work of the morning. Phase two of a two-year revitalization project has begun and the team has been working...

Photo of the Week (Downtown LC)

  As I was walking around downtown I noticed this mom and daughter enjoying some quality time with a beautiful sunset.

POTW 5: The Path of Darkness

Have you every walk next to an alley and simply…stare at it. I love dark paths, specially in old apartment buildings and this in particularly called my attention.

Looking Up at the Plaza

An incredible landmark from El Paso, when you see the plaza you immediately think of the Downtown Area, reaching up to the sky and conserving the sense of the place. A build worth staring at.

Kress Building

Walking around the downtown area from El Paso, it’s interesting to find this old buildings and make you imagine how the city used to look like, and how I wish instead of ignoring this amazing giants but to restore them...