Journalism 412
Documentary Photojournalism

Supply List

  1. NO Lab Fee.
  2. Digital Camera. You will need a workable digital camera. We have some Check Out cameras and lenses for your use but you will need to have some kind of camera on you at all times (8MP cell phone cameras will work for “walkin’ around photos but not for your assignments).
  3. Memory card for camera: approx. cost $11-40.
  4. Memory Card Reader: We do not supply memory card readers ($9-12).
  5. Photographic printing fees. Covers cost of printing at Walmart’s lab (8×10=$2.00, 4X6”=$0.19)
  6. Manila envelops for presentation of all photo work.
  7. Book: Blurb (preferred source) or iBook. or other: cost : $20-40 plus shipping. This is your book for your final project.
  8. A Biz Card stating that you are a documentary photojournalist. This is due by Feb.