This assignment is based upon the following idea, first expressed in photography by Edoard Boubat:

Coups de foudre (Love at first sight: also translatable as Struck by lightning).

The Assignment


Look for a spot. Don’t think. Feel it! Look for good light and good vibes and give consideration to what would be interesting others.

            At least one of the photographs must have a person in it to give this project social meaning (preferably all three).

Don’t confuse this project with a documentation of a thing. This spot must have LIFE. Think Bus Station or Coffee House, a Park or a party (remember to put your ISO up high if you’re shooting indoors)

Give yourself time. You have a week. Find something or someone new to you. Get out of your same ole same ole.

This is not a one-time shoot. You need to revisit your spot several times over the next six days. This is all about getting familiar with something and then trying to figure out how to make it into the most powerful image you are capable of doing.

Your goal is to arrive at THREE (3) FINISHED PHOTOGRAPHS that are a little love song to a place you like.

TIP: to get to three great images it is unlikely you can do it without shooting at least 30-50 captures.

Pay attention to:

  • Quality of Light. Composition (NO CLUTTER)!
  • Make every inch of that frame…well…loving!)
  • Correct exposure paying particular attention to depth-of-field and sharpness. Use your histogram in-camera.
  • Remember that there are 24 hours in a day. You can use any part of it.
  • Light, Light and Light. Light (and moment) is the magic.


Go back to your first experiences in photography when it was brand new and the results were startling to you. This time around, with advanced photo skills put your skill and intellect to work to create strong images.

This is documentation. It’s also an exercise in making photographs.

Bring images to class Jan. 23rd. Bring them in-camera or on a jump drive. Remember to have your memory card reader. We will edit and post these images to the class website.