About J320


Photojournalism is taking photos of events and using the photos to tell the story. Sometimes text, such as captions, are added, but the photos basically must tell the story. Sometimes photojournalism has the luxury of doing extended projects and doing multiple shoots.

This course explores the world of photojournalism –as defined above. You will learn by doing pragmatic shooting assignments that are based upon the concept that doing photojournalism is all about doing it and learning from the doing.

The course employs an applied approach with weekly or biweekly assignments that simulate actual photojournalism assignments.


The course objective is that you develop the technical skills to “pull off” a wide range of assignments and that you have established enough personal discipline to do so.

GRADING The final course grade is determined as follows:

  • ASSIGNMENTS (7+2 mini assignments)            85%
  • 1 PHOTOJOURNALISM PAPER                             5%
  • PARTICIPATION: LAB AND CLASS                   10%.